If you are tired of feeling sick and tired, if you want to get your menstrual cycle and health Back, This is the right Program for You!

Do you have Hypothalamic Amenorrhea?

Are you relieved to have found a reason for your missing period?

Have you been reading, YouTube-ing, and listening to podcasts about what you need to do to recover your period?

Have you learned you need to increase calories and reduce exercise and are suspicious if it will work? 

…. I bet it sounds ‘risky’

We understand how you feel. Part of you feels relieved to have a reason for your missing period and the other part of you feels devastated that you need to ‘let it all go’ to heal. 
How could it possibly be the truth?

The truth is getting your period back is so much more than increasing calories and reducing exercise. It is learning how to listen to your body and respond to it with confidence, it is living in harmony with your thoughts, it is learning to live in the moment and knowing the difference between rules and choices. 

We have both experienced and recovered from HA and disordered eating, we know what it feels like to be caught up in a world that feels inescapable. That is why we are so excited to be working together to help you sift through the wild thoughts quickly and efficiently to get you in the best place mentally and physically to recovery your period.

Would you appreciate the guidance on HA recovery nutrition?

Would you enjoy learning mindset techniques to keep you pushing forward?

Would you like non-judgemental cheerleaders to help you through this challenging time of life?

If you have answered YES to one of the above, You are in the right place!

With the 12 WEEKS online  PERIOD COMEBACK PROGRAM WITH CLAUDIA & JADE, you won't be alone, as WE (and a group of marvellous women) will be there to keep you accountable, to support you, and to answer all your questions. Every week you will focus on a particular topic and you will be invited to take action, and take one more step towards a life of health and freedom.

How good would it feel to not being alone any longer?
To be heard?

  • FB Private Group and Q & A (value= $997)
  • ​Weekly Group Calls (value= $1997)
  • ​4 months in the HA COMMUNITY
  • Unlimited Access to Online Support from Jade Cameron and Claudia Vidor (value= $997)
  • ​HA Activity eBook + HA Recovery Success Chart (value=$57)
  • ​Meditations List + Stretch Video ( taught by Jade) (value= $67)
  • ​The "11 Best Reads to Recover from HA" eBook (value=$17)
  • 3 x ​30 Minutes Support Zoom Calls with Claudia Vidor (value= $580)
  • ​2 x 45 Minutes Wellness Coaching Zoom Calls with Jade Cameron (value= $280)
The Nourished Mama Program..($170 Value)
FB group and Q& A ......(priceless Value)
Unlimited access to nutritional support
through the FB community  (priceless Value)

BONUS #1: Apps Compilation...................
(priceless Value)
BONUS #2: The breastfeeding ebook ..........($ 30 Value)
BONUS #3: Recipes Ebook for new mums...($67 Value)
Welcome Questionnaire, Diet Diary, Blood Test Referral, Bonus eBook + we will start talking about the MINDSET that gave you HA and how to start talking back at your disordered behaviours.

How much food do you need to eat in HA Recovery? 
When? How? 
Shall you follow a plan? A specific diet? What if you are vegan? We will cover this and more in Week 2!
This week you will learn how to improve your relationship with exercise and you will learn how to incorporate gentle movement into your life.
We can't get rid of stress, but we can learn how to build up our resilience to it. And you will start this week to make positive changes that will affect all areas of your life.
WEEK 5-6
Fear Foods anyone? Time to tackle them in a safe environment. You will also receive a bonus PDF to do it in a fun way. Ah! We will also dive deep into the gut microbiome.
WEEK 6-8
Not only you will learn how to become your own private investigator, you will also learn how to support your adrenal glands to promote energy, and vitality.
Time to say goodbye, but not before talking about life after HA.
Also, who wants to become an Intuitive Eater?
* 2 BONUS eBooks
* Weekly email, podcasts

3 x 30 Minutes Consultations with Claudia

My name is Claudia, I’m a Nutrition & Dietetic Consultant (BHSC Nut D Med), and published Health Writer. One of my key passions is supporting and empowering clients through foods and lifestyle choices that can optimise their wellbeing.

My approach is holistic, science based and non-judgmental, and I support my clients to build a wholesome and sustainable relationship with healthy and delicious food.

Nutrition for HA is not just a quick fix, one-stop-shop. Optimising your hormones and nurturing a healthy body and mind involves making longer term, sustainable changes. 
This process can feel so much easier if you have a clear plan with active support.
If you want to work with a nutritionist who truly understands hypothalamic amenorrhea and knows how to best support recovery, I'm the right gal :-)
2x 45-minute wellness coaching consultations with Jade

Wellness coaching can help you to make positive and lasting changes which enable you to reach short term and long-term goals across various areas of your life.

I take an individual & holistic approach when working with every client, assessing, and respecting your individual needs, requirements, and goals.

During our one-on-one consultations I help and support you along your journey to recovering your period and to discover what it means to be healthy and flourishing.

While working together we break down your desired lifestyle changes into achievable mixed term goals. This will set you up for both immediate and long-term success with the intention of lasting change to overall wellness & happiness.
The HA activity book has been created to help you decode your thoughts and emotional attachments around training, exercise, and self-worth.
This book is the here to help you recognize your fears and emotions on a deeper level, putting you in a better position to challenge them and ultimately recover your period.

Stretch video – Pre-recorded full body stretch leaving you feeling calm, limber and in tune with your body. 

Meditation’s list – list of guided meditations easily accessible via YouTube to help you relax and find peace within. The list will be made up of varying sources. 
Gratitude Audio - You will receive a gratitude audio to listen to daily. Perfect for rewiring old thoughts and replacing them with positive, influential ones.
Affirmation’s audio – You will receive a daily email with an ‘affirmation of the day’ to help you power through your journey.

HA recovery success chart – Fun spin on taking appropriate steps to allowing your body and mind time, space, rest, and nourishment to recover. 

You could almost say it is a game! Life is to short to take everything so serious. 

During this audio you will learn how to recognise, check, and change thoughts around your body observations. You will also learn strategies to better manage emotions when friends and family make comment on your body.  

During this audio you will learn tips and strategies to reducing / dropping training without feeling totally overwhelmed, like to cannot do it, or that there is no hope for you. Learn how to feel empowered and make changes in a safe and motivating way.  

If you're tired of feeling exhausted, if you want to get your period back, if you want to start a family and need plenty of support, you are in the right place.

You will learn...

  • How to improve Your Nourishment so you can get your health back
  • How to change your Mindset and Practice Self Kindness 
  • How to Track Changes and how to interpret your blood results
  • ​​What is Intuitive Eating and When to Apply it
  • ​Simple stress Management Techniques
  •  How to Exercise in recovery
  • What to do when you restore the cycle 
  • ​How can you support your health and fertility
  • How to Support your Digestive fire and Gut Microbiome 
  • ​How to take care of your adrenals and balance your hormones​
We understand that is hard to believe how much support you are going to get, so let's sum it up for you:

  • FB Private Group and Q & A (value= $997)
  • ​Weekly Group Calls (value= $1997)
  • Unlimited Access to Online Support from Jade Cameron and Claudia Vidor (value= $997)
  • ​HA Activity eBook + HA Recovery Success Chart (value=$57)
  • ​Meditations List + Stretch Video ( taught by Jade) (value= $67)
  • 2 BONUS AUDIOS on Body Image and How To Reduce Exercise (value=$47)
  • ​The "11 Best Reads to Recover from HA" eBook (value=$17)
  • 3 x ​30 Minutes Support Zoom Calls with Claudia Vidor (value= $580)
  • ​2 x 45 Minutes Wellness Coaching Zoom Calls with Jade Cameron (value= $280)

Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.


HA was the reason why it took me so many bloody years to get pregnant. 

I was fit, “healthy,” I had plenty of energy, I was eating well, and all my blood tests were kind of ok. 

And that was part of the problem. 

Because I looked so “well” from the outside, no one took my concerns (or lack of thereof) seriously, and I ended up sitting around waiting for a period that didn’t come.
After seeing many doctors, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS; pity is that my androgens levels were low, and I had plenty of cysts because my ovaries were producing eggs and were desperate to ovulate, but they didn’t know how to get to the finish line.

I ended up being wrongly treated for PCOS, and I was asked to eat less carbohydrate-rich foods, and to exercise on a regular basis. My disordered eating behaviors felt as if they were given a soothing blanket: I had an excuse to keep on starving my body through poor food choices and a gruelling exercise regime, because the doctor said so….

No one asked me about my diet, my sleep regime, and how much I was exercising. No one got beyond checking my lab results. No one listened to my words, and they gave me the worst advice I could have been given to, which delayed my conception window by another two years.

Deep down, I knew that something wasn’t quite right, as everyone seemed to enjoy rest days, slices of cakes, impromptu dinners, and I definitely wasn’t. 

Everything had to be pre-planned, so I could monitor my low carb diet; every morning I had to exercise before breakfast, and being stress and edgy was part of my daily routine. 
 I was anxious all the time 
 I wasn’t sleeping well
 I felt utterly confused

and I didn’t know what to do, as everyone kept complimenting my willpower and tiny frame. I got praised every time I skipped the second glass of wine, or when I ordered eggs on avocado without the toast.

I was also complimented for my 7/7 fitness regime, my 5 am wake up calls, and for training also when injured. I, in fact, didn’t understand people that used injuries as an “excuse” to avoid running.

Only later on, I came across the movement called “Body Positivity”, and I was suddenly immersed in a community of women that were talking about bodies in a different way.
That’s when I learned about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, I educated myself and changed my life for the best. Initially, I felt a massive resistance towards changing my long-tested behaviors, but after a while, it felt as if I stopped complaining about the dark, and I switched on a light.

The light was initially very soft and feeble, but it kept getting brighter and brighter the more pages, articles, and researches I read.

It wasn’t a comfortable journey. 
It took me 12 months to implement changes and notice small improvements; I also had to ask for support, and I had to write and share my story with a few trusted friends. 
And then I relapsed, because I’m human, because it’s common, and because things get in the way.

The difference is that I knew better, I was aware of my fucked-up tendencies, and although I could hide away from the rest of the world, I couldn’t hide away from myself.
When my first period came, I was over the moon. I do remember strolling home from work, feeling that life was flowing inside of me. My body kicked into gear and achieved the impossible.

That's when I decided it was time for me to write up a science based and heart felt program that can help women worldwide to recover from HA, reclaim their power, and get their period and THEIR LIFE back.
Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.


My name is Jade, a proud wife and mother to Cosima. I am the creator and host of the ‘It’s a Mind Game’ podcast. As a qualified personal trainer and wellness coach who has overcome my own battles with eating disorders and hypothalamic amenorrhea, I now create a space for women to not only recover their period but to discover their true authentic self and create a life they love living.

I (possibly like you) dieted for MANY years and trained for many hours every day resulting in 6 years of hypothalamic amenorrhea, eating disorders and all-consuming anxiety. After completing my PT course I decided to compete in a bodybuilding show. I decided it would be a great way to showcase my knowledge, achieve the body of my dreams and essentially live happily ever after.

12 weeks after this decision I was ‘stage ready’ and for the first time I loved how I looked (this didn’t last long). I noticed the more my body transformed the more friends and family admired my motivation, determination, and daily training routine. I enjoyed these compliments and felt a sense of pride when people would say my ‘healthy habits’ were having a positive influence on their life. These observations morphed overtime and I began to believe people only liked and valued me for my ‘fit’ identity. I also began to believe that my clients would only trust my advice and employ me as their personal trainer if a looked a certain way. These beliefs cornered me in to thinking I MUST be strong, fit and lean to be loved, happy, and successful. This decision led me into a spiral of chronic dieting and over exercising.

Being Bulimic was one of the worst times of my life. I remember moments when I would be at work planning what food I was going to buy on my way home. I knew which foods were easy to purge so I would prioritise those. I remember looking forward to eating all the ‘cheat’ foods without the weight gain (Yes, early on I could justify the binge and purge behaviour). As time went on my bulimia got worst and my mental health began to deteriorate.

Bulimia soon felt was like someone or something was hijacking my brain, I had no control over it. It was like a switch was flicked and I would be dissolved by this compulsion to binge. I would eat until I felt like my stomach would explode then as the discomfort reached its peak I would go and purge. I would cry as I hugged the toilet making sure I got every bit of food out of the system. I would keep purging until there was nothing but biol left. By the time I was done I was so disgusted with myself. I would cry and shake on the floor as I helplessly worked my way out of an anxiety attack. Once I composed myself, I would leave the bathroom and carry on with my day plagued by what I had just experienced. I would promise myself to never, ever, do it again… but I kept doing it…

Fast forward, I overcome my bulimia by working hard to rewire my thoughts, change my behaviour patterns and learn to control my emotions rather than letting them control me. Surprisingly enough I learnt by allowing myself to feel my emotions I was able to resolve both internal and external conflict. I must admit while I healed my bulimia, I did move into other disordered eating habits such as fasting, and an even bigger list of ‘cheat foods and more training. This was still a big and liberating step for me though because I was no longer bulimic and honestly, I felt great! 
Despite feeling like I was on top of the world I was not yet healthy and more self-exploration, and healing was yet to come.

Upon the discovery of the book ‘No period, Now What’ I learnt about Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and how to treat it. I felt some level of peace knowing there was a reason for my absent period however the treatment method of ‘Eat More, Train Less’ had me feeling quite hostile. I spent 11 months in quasi recovery working hard on my mindset, rewiring my thoughts, challenging my fears, and redefining who I truly was. There were times I felt like I was being punished and often thought ‘why me?’, then there were also times when I felt triumphant and free; those were the moments I lived for. Eventually the mindset work led me to having the confidence to go ‘all in’ and weeks later I had my first recovery period in 6 years. This was just the beginning of a totally free and beautiful life. In hindsight I can see that HA and ED’s did not happen to me, they happened for me!

Three years on from beginning my HA recovery I am living a life I never thought was possible. I enjoy moments with friends and family wholeheartedly. I can be present in the moment and enjoy being alone with my own thoughts. Choosing what food to eat and when to eat it is not an easy task.

I train to feel good, and I love it! I am full of energy; my body is not constantly aching, I sleep well, my days are fun, and most importantly I LOVE and ACCEPT my body. It is now my mission to help other women recover their period, restore their health, and become the person they have always wanted to be.

‘It’s your strong, goal driven, successful mindset that got you here and it is that same strong, goal driven, successful mindset that will get you out.’

 Let us now introduce you to 
After overcoming HA, and after supporting many women to increase their vitality, and reduce their anxiety, and get their mojo back,  we thought it was the right time to handcraft a program that can help women to:
  • Restore their Monthly Cycle
  • ​Educate themselves on their bodies and what is right for them
  • ​Manage their stress levels and learn how to optimise their wellbeing
  • ​And become part of a FB community of like-minded women
This program is a glorious collection of tips, tricks, tools that teaches you how to heal from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.
what OUR clients say...
"Thank you Claudia for your words of encouragement. I actually cannot believe how good I feel giving up exercise, I am soo surprised that I'm so cool with it. I would have not been able to do it without you"
- Jeanne - AUSTRALIA
"Claudia listened to me. She was always there to respond to my never-ending messages and all my questions. She was always supportive, calm and knowledgeable. I'm now recovered, and I don't think I would have been able to get my period back so promptly without her program"
- Margaret- UK
"Hey jade, I just want to let you know I’ve been going back through your podcasts and they are really helping me on my journey. The more I listen to different stories, the more it helps my mindset. Thanks again for your content ☺️🙏🏼"
"Jade creates such a safe space and her focus on the mindset has helped me so much. She asks directive questions that gently guide me to dig deep and feel supported doing it. Jade provides knowledge, intuition and the beauty of her own story to give me opportunities to learn and motivation to try new things.
Working with Jade has become so much more than wanting to get my period back. It has evolved into a journey of self discovery, linking events to emotions and being able to face truths."
- Jules- US
"I recommend The HA Recover Program 100% ! I didn't get my period back while on the program, and I had to do it twice. The girls on the private FB group were always there to support and cheer me up. The program gave me a frame to follow, answered most of my questions and taught me invaluable tools that I can now apply to my fertility journey. I'm so glad I took the first step, and trusted the process".
- Veronica-SPAIN
Show Off All The Possible Benefits. 
Be Visual, Creative. Imagine The Benefits.
The fantastic thing is that you'll start seeing results with "The Nourished Mama Program" 
in less than a week and it costs less than a coffee a day. 
So again, if you're a new mama or mama to be who wants to have the best postnatal experience, allow yourself to:  

Prioritise your health
You need to prioritize your health and nourishment, to be a better mother.  
Treat your Postpartum Body as a sacred temple
You won't find yourself depleted and full of resentment only 3 months into the motherhood journey.  
Focus on what matters
You will be able to focus on what is really important in this new chapter of your life, and upgrade the relationship with your partner while bonding with your baby.  
Be part of a Tribe
Have a tribe of Mums that are going through the same experiences, so you can share, learn and support each other during this life changing journey. 
A 12-week online based program that  supports the delicate recovery journey, while lessening the anxiety, and promoting the creation of a new mindset! 
You will learn exactly what and how much to eat to heal your body, types and amounts of exercise, specific and simple stress management strategies to include each day, ways to shift your mindset while supported by a group of women that are going through the same experience.
The Nourished Mama Program..($170 Value)
FB group and Q& A ......(priceless Value)
Unlimited access to nutritional support
through the FB community  (priceless Value)

BONUS #1: Apps Compilation...................
(priceless Value)
BONUS #2: The breastfeeding ebook ..........($ 30 Value)
BONUS #3: Recipes Ebook for new mums...($67 Value)
If the "PERIOD COMEBACK WITH CLAUDIA AND JADE" doesn't make you feel supported or empowered, if you don’t get any insights or help from the ebooks, tips, articles, and the Facebook community, then we will refund your money within the first 7 days!
We genuinely want you to recover and restore your fertility naturally, we want you to avoid the mistakes we made during our journeys, and we want  you to thrive and feel supported during this challenging chapter of your life.
If you think we can’t help, just let us know! 
what OUR clients say...
"All the qualities I first noticed in Jade's podcast are still true when working with her one-on-one, in fact, even more so. Her genuineness is so obvious and benefits those lucky enough to have her in their tribe.
If you are looking to recover or are just 'recovery curious' don't try and do everything alone. It can be so isolating, scary and confusing. Team up with Jade and get your mind game strong. "
"I wish I had known the things that I have learnt from Claudia when I was pregnant. She stands out as she is honest and inspirational. I love reading her posts and following her tips"..
"Jade, your podcast and your message made my night!!! I feel so much better having a connection for understanding this better!".
"Claudia hears me, she doesn't only listen. My anxiety and guilt around motherhood have decreased since I have started working with her".
 If you have them.
All of their objections busted. Make these clear and confident.
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